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Mathstronauts Math and Science Summer Day Camp 2013 – Aurora, CO

Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps 2013 At Colorado Community Church Aurora

Let’s face it: when math geeks offer fun and entertaining ways to like and learn their obsessions, you have to give them a smile and a pat on the back. When they do it through an incredible, fun-filled and popular summer day camp, well, then you have to stand and cheer.

The Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps 2013 are just that: fun-filled, wildly popular places (with parents and kids) for kids to do more than just while away summer days. While you may live right here in the Aurora area, you just might need to search for a hotel near the Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps. In that case, book your rooms at FAIRFIELD INN & SUITES DENVER AURORA / PARKER HOTEL – here in Aurora, Colorado.

Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps - 2013

Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps 2013

They call them “math π-0-neers.” Yes, it takes most people a moment or two to figure that out. Pretty creative, right? Not like the usual math geeks. Part of their motto: “Igniting Students’ Desire to Explore and then to Soar….”

You have to love a bunch of math and science geeks whose mission includes “to instill a greater love and appreciation for…” and “to eliminate the fear of…” and “to overcome the spirit of mediocrity….”

Now, we all know you can talk the talk, but to make it real you’d better walk the walk too. And Mathstronautssure do. They take math and science to new, fun and totally interesting levels for their summer students, who get to learn through hands-on activities. Take the Lego mind-controlled robot as an example.

You read that right: a mind-controlled robot called Legos Mindstorms. Kids learn about brain waves, get plenty of play/practice time, then drop their hands and let their brains control the robot to run it through a maze. Cool!

The founders and instructors at Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps know what they’re doing, and they offer many learning opportunities, like Math Boot Camp, a week focused on basic math comprehension and mastery. Their goal is to raise the mathematical and scientific knowledge of kids to a level that will allow them to compete globally.

They teach math and computer programming side-by-side, where students learn to graph on a computer screen while learning basic programming skills. Not just for future engineers, scientists or mathematicians, this is the kind of knowledge that will put your kids at the heads of their classes.

Kids get to explore the wild world of natural disasters through disaster prevention and post-disaster assistance. But first they learn about meteorology and how natural disasters occur – like tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. Another class teaches disaster survival skills with chemistry and biology knowledge.

Would your child like to design his/her own robot? There’s a class for that too! Robots to clean up after a natural disaster, rescue people . . . or do the ultimate Robot-On-Robot Challenge.

There’s so much more, all lead by highly educated professionals with loads of teaching and training experience, but more important, instructors with real passions for helping kids love math and science. Want to know more? Go to and learn all about Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps.

Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps 2013 Details:
Dates: July 1 – August 8, 2013
Where: Colorado Community Church Aurora, 2220 South Chambers Rd. Aurora, CO 80014
Pricesvary – see site for more details at

Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps 2013 Activities/Events:
Math Boot Camp
Aviation & Aerospace Camps
Math Pioneer Field Trips
Mind Control Robot Maze
Engineering Fun
Chess Camp
Students must pre-register for all classes. See site for details.

Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps 2013 FAQs:
What age kids is this camp for?
Hard to believe, but Mathstronauts is for ages 4 through high school and includes some honors tutoring.

Can I find out more about the instructors?
Yes – just go to the Who We Are page on the site.

Is this new?I’ve never heard of it before.
Mathstronauts began seven years ago, so it’s been around a while already.

Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps 2013 Helpful Links:
Home page:
Mathstronauts Summer Day Camps 2013 schedule:

And don’t forget to book all your rooms at FAIRFIELD INN & SUITES DENVER AURORA/PARKER here in Aurora, Colorado.

Contact: 800-583-2137 for reservations or Book Online.


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